Timely Insurance Help for Medical Emergencies

Providing your child with timely medical services is extremely important. However, adverse financial situations may sometimes make it difficult for you to do so. Convenient payment options and timely insurance help prove to be of great help in such difficult situations.

At Elizabeth Pediatric Group, we believe in providing every child with quality medical services at affordable prices. For your convenience, we accept major insurance plans, provided they give the proper coverage that is required. You can speak to our team at 908-354-9500 to learn more about our insurance acceptance policies.

Things to Remember Regarding Your Child's Insurance Plan

  • Present your insurance card when you arrive
  • Don’t misplace your insurance card as it holds important information regarding the coverage your child is entitled to
  • You should be familiar with all the terms of your insurance coverage
  • Each policy can be different, and it will reflect directly on your medical expenses

All Forms of Payment Accepted

Making things further easy, we accept all forms of payment including cash, checks, and major credit cards. Our priority is to provide your child with timely medical care. For any questions regarding your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company.
Get 24-Hour Services for Pediatric Medical Emergencies.
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